TaskMagic Integration

TaskMagic Integration

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I would like to be able to call Task magic (which i believe uses activepieces codebase) via activepieces. With similar integrations to Zappier integration

UseCase: I want to send data to TaskMagic to perform a webtask (in the browser not via api) then return the data to Active pieces.

Since TaskMagic is using active pieces code, it shouldn’t be hard to achieve!

TaskMagic isn’t using the ActivePieces codebase, but did integrate ActivePieces into their service. Would you be able to simply use the ActivePieces instance that’s already in TaskMagic to achieve what you’re trying to accomplish? (Just curious. I have licenses to both and haven’t tested this myself, but it seems like it could work in theory. It might require rebuilding the flow, I guess, unless those can be shared and brought into another ActivePieces account, in this case into ActivePieces inside your TaskMagic account.)