Tally Form - Webhook not Working

Simple automation that doesnt work. It’s strange…

  1. Create a new Flow for Tally Form - New submission
  2. Active Pieces is not receiving the data

Is there any issue with active pieces?

I’ve connect slack/google sheets and they are all receiving the information.

Hello @anubistar, apologies for the inconvenience.

I have forwarded this issue to the team.

Thanks - have you had any update?


Hello, @kishanprmr I have been experimenting the same issue. Do you have any update about this issue?

Thanks for your response.

Hi @here

We are fixing the webhook testing experience, as workaround please publish the flow and test it then turn it off.

Or add the url with /test and do the actual testing.

I am moving this to known bugs as we will land fix for the user experience there soon.

Updated the instructions for Tally, There are two URL right now.

The first one is used to generate sample data and the second one is used to trigger the flow.

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