Surecart Integration


If you’re requesting a piece, write the:

  • Actions you’d like to see
  1. Create in Surecart
  2. Update in Surecart
  3. Mark order as fulfilled
  4. Mark order as shipped

Triggers I’d like to see

  1. Order created in Surecart
  2. Order updated in Surecart
  3. Order marked as fulfilled
  4. Order marked as shipped

I would like to see Surecart Integrated with Activepieces so that an order can be created in surecart with all of the order details including the individual items, sku numbers, shipping weight and dimensions. The ultimate goal would be to connect Surecart with a service like ShipStation or Pirate Ship.

Surecart is a wordpress plugin and alternative for wocommerce and it would help a lot because a lot of people use surecart instead of wocommerce.


  • purchase created
  • purchase udpated
  • refund created
  • order processing
  • affilation request denied
  • subscription set to cancel
  • new customer created
  • subscription traialing
  • subscripton updated
  • subscription completed
  • subscription renewed
  • affiliatonr request approved
  • refund successful
  • purchase unrevoked
  • order failed
  • subscripiton acitvaed
  • subscription past due
  • subscription created
  • affiliation request updated
  • subscritpon cancelled
  • order creaetd
  • purchase revoked
  • order paid
  • costumer updated
  • affiliatoon request created


  • Create a voucher
  • Create a customer
  • Cancel a transaction
  • Create a payment
  • mark an order as paid
  • Fulfil an order
  • Create an instalment
  • Complete checkout
  • Create a one-off price
  • List prices by product ID
  • Update customer
  • Update period
  • Cancel purchase by ID
  • Recall purchase by ID
  • List payment methods by user ID
  • Create an affiliation request for the affiliation portal
  • Update affiliation request
  • List affiliation requests
  • Delete subscription request
  • List all subscriptions by customer ID
  • Find purchase by ID
  • Refund a purchase by ID
  • Find customer by ID
  • Find customer by email
  • Create a subscription
  • Get subscription history
  • Update subscription
  • Upgrade user to a higher subscription level
  • Get all orders of a customer
  • Find a product
  • Create a product
  • Create order
  • Cancel subscription
  • Update product
  • Create Checkout