Support for Open WebUI and open-source large language models?

Hello, fellow developers! I’m excited to explore the capabilities of ActivePieces’ automation workflows. I’ve heard great things about your platform, and I’d love to know if you have any support for:

  1. Open WebUI: Can we integrate with an open source web interface (e.g., Open UI) as part of our workflow? This would be a game-changer for us, allowing seamless integration with our existing applications.
  2. Open-source large language models: Are there any plans to support integrating open-source AI/ML models (like BERT, RoBERT, or DistilBERT) directly into the ActivePieces’ automation workflows? We’re eager to leverage these powerful models in our projects.

If you can, please let us know if these features are on your radar, and if there’s a rough estimate of when we might see these integrations. Your platform looks very promising, and we’d be thrilled to learn about future developments!

Looking forward to hearing back from the community!

This is so interesting @Barry (and welcome to the community btw!)

Can you tell us more how you’d like to automate Open WebUI? What kind of triggers or actions? Also, does it have APIs? Any links?

Regarding Open Source LLMs, how do you deploy them? How do you expect to interact with them from Activepieces?