SuiteDash Integration

It would be great to have pieces for SuiteDash CRM. Just the regular CRM functions - add a contact, update a contact, add / remove contact from a group (circle) and more.

I’m hoping to use Activepieces to sync our primary CRM and portal (SuiteDash) with our Vbout account, so we can use it’s marketing communication tools.

I’d really like to be able to:
When a new contact is added to SD, that contact is added to VB.
When a circle is modified for a SD contact, the corresponding tag is modified in VB.

I love how many options the big Z gives, so it would be awesome to work our way in that direction. :slight_smile:

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I had added this to the Discord channel, but figured I should add the details here also.

Can I request a piece for Suitedash be created? We run all of our nonprofit efforts through SuiteDash and being able to sync with Vbout would empower us to use that platform for more of our email marketing work. Triggers:

  • When new contact is created
  • When circle is modified


  • Update contact
  • Add/Remove circle
  • Assign flow
  • Add to schedule
  • Fire email cannon
  • Fire form cannon

Thank you very much!

Yes this would be an important integration SuiteDash is really getting popular.

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Another upvote for Suitedash. The CRM is really wonderful and I love the idea of exchanging data with ActivePieces.

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