Suggestion: Add a failsafe option when a Piece fails

I posted in the Discord channel, and then somebody (Kyle) said it would be a nice feature for all Pieces, and that is true. So I throw it in here.

I have experiences twice now that throws a 500 error, and that breaks the flow. It would be nice if I could make a failsafe, so if throws an error, the process will do something else. For instance using a fixed image or something like this. Even better would be to use an alternative image.

This might be good for many pieces. A kind of “if this piece fails, then do this in stead”.

Like a kind of Branch, but depended on the outcome of the current Piece.

Hey @Preben,

Have you considered using the branch function for this? Essentially, you can set up a condition that checks if the output from is an error (like a 500). If it is, you can then branch off to a different action, such as using a fixed image or even an alternative one. This way, you have a contingency plan built right into your flow.

I’m curious, how would your suggestion differ from what the branch function currently offers? Maybe there’s an aspect I haven’t thought of yet.

As far as I know: The flow stops in the piece that fails, and thus a branch won’t work. No step after “” will run, thus a check can not be performed.

There is no “in case the next piece fails, then do” in the Branch as I know of.

You’re right. I misunderstood initially.

The branch function won’t work if a step completely fails like in the scenario you mentioned. Your idea of a failsafe option sounds like a good way to handle such situations, ensuring the flow continues with an alternative action!