Substack / Medium etc Posting

Am I ignorant of how this platform works? Is it only possible currently to integrate with a handful of very commonly used platforms like twitter and facebook? Is it possible to use this to automate tasks on less popular platforms, even if those platforms are still very popular in general like substack or medium?

How could I set up a flow that will take posts I write in wordpress and make a teaser about them and post them automatically to those sorts of platforms? Or is it even possible in the current iteration of active pieces?

@Justin_West As long as the platforms/services/apps you want to use provides an API for their services, It can be used and automated with this platform (based on my personal experience).

Now, to set it up is a different story. If you are not a developer it will be very difficult.

You can try asking, Google Gemini, ChatGPT, etc to help you generate the code for what you’re trying to do.

This will take time and there will be lot of trial and errors but it might just work.