StoryChief x Activepieces

What is StoryChief?
StoryChief is a powerful content marketing platform that streamlines creating, managing, and distributing content across various channels. It centralizes content planning, SEO copywriting, insights, and more, allowing users to handle blogs, social media, and other content types in one place. It is actively developed and integrates well with various services and platforms, serving as a versatile tool for marketing agencies and SMBs.


  • Content Automation: Simplifies content creation with SEO assistance and automated distribution across multiple platforms.
  • Continuous Development: Regular updates and new integrations keep it cutting-edge for content marketers.
  • Seamless Integration: Connects with CMS platforms like WordPress, Webflow, and Shopify, CRM systems, social media, and email marketing tools.
  • Buffer-like Potential: Resembles Buffer in managing social media content, scheduling posts, and tracking performance across networks for a consistent online presence and effective audience engagement.

StoryChief integrates with Zapier to connect with thousands of apps, automating workflows and saving time. It is a powerful tool for content marketing, focusing on simplifying content distribution to help marketers optimize their strategy and reach a broader audience.

Also, there are probably a lot of Activepieces users that also use StoryChief!

Actions I’d like to see

  • Create social post (Creates a new draft of a social post).
  • Create story (Creates a new draft of a social post).

Triggers I’d like to see

  • Published or Updated Story (Triggered when a story is published or updated).

Use cases

  • I already use StoryChief to publish articles to client WordPress or Shopify websites. I would like to further automate this to create social post drafts automatically with OpenAI using Activepieces.


Saw this was requested previously under discussions, but it doesn’t look like they actually created a feature request (Tried to add the link, but your rules of only two links per post prevented me from doing so).