Storage piece - clearing down data from lists or appends

I have a flow where I am appending data to that particular storage piece. I can’t figure out when I’m done how to clear out that bit of storage. On subsequent run all the previous data is there which isn’t desired. Only seems to affect list / append items.

Hello there,
What do you mean by clearing out the bit storage, do you mean that you want to reset the array back to empty?
If the answer is yes, you can use a remove action specifying the key of the array.
I hope this help you.

I tried that already - it returns an error saying Unexpected end of JSON input when I try and test that step. In the live flow it causes the flow to fail.

I thought it worked (deleted previous reply where i said mistakenly it worked), but no, it doesn’t flow will fail with Unexpected end of JSON input.

can you provide me an image of your flow if possible and the error that occurs.
This will help me in debugging and fixing the problem and thank you.

I’ve also tried remove from list with the correct key and the last retrieved value - I now get Key BM is not an array. I have identicall pieces for NM (Shown in the screenshots here)

just to make sure did you use this.

because most properly it will work, and if you did can you show me the error.

I tried that one as well, the results in the Unexpected end of JSON error.

I tried creating a flow with just a scheduled trigger, a store item (x), and a remove item (x) and it gave the JSON error. I took a look at the code in the activepieces repository and there’s a section as follows, I noticed the line succuss: true and wondered if it was a typo - I’ve messaged one of the developers.

async run(context) {
await[‘key’], context.propsValue.store_scope);
return {
succuss: true

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