🔄 Step-by-Step Real-Time Updates on Test Flow Execution

Hi Activepiecers,

We have finally landed one of the greatest UX improvements! You will now be able to see the flow execution step by step when you press “Test Flow.” This will help you ensure that the flow is running smoothly and not getting stuck or encountering any issues.

Another bug we have fixed: if “Test Flow” pauses the flow, such as for approval or delay, the screen now automatically continue pulling new changes after the pause.

Screenity video - May 24, 2024 (1)-min

We have more improvements coming to this area, so stay tuned!

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If you open a run from the running tab, it now updates without refreshing the page.


Testing my flow, but all task spinning forever - why?
And why can’t I cancel them?

All Best!

Hi @Ilustria

Are they still spinning? If yes can you please dm me the flow url and email?