Stable Diffusion Web UI - Setup

Hi Team,

I am trying to setup my connection for StableDiffusion WebUI with no luck, specifically the Stable Diffusion Web UI API Base URL. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @OmniGnostiC

Can you explain more where you stuck?

More specifically I am not sure what the connection string is.

Anyone? Trying to connect to Modelslab and nothing is working.

@abuaboud still struggling with this any idea on what the URL is?

Hi, it’s just the base URL. When you run it locally for example the URL is in this example without a trailing slash."

It’s the url before /sdapi/v1/sd-models, If i understand correctly from piece.

Make sure when launching you enable the api using the --api command line arg, and if you are having trouble with using localhost or your ip address you can use the --share command, this will create a live link that allows you to access it on the web or share the link with others to access it.

To do this, go to the webui-user.bat file in the root directory and change the 'set COMMANDLINE_ARGS=' line to include --share, e.g., set COMMANDLINE_ARGS=--share

I would also recommend using the --gradio-auth option as well, so no one can log into your public-facing web app:

set COMMANDLINE_ARGS=--share --gradio-auth username:password

This just helps to make the share links a bit more secure by forcing the use of a username and password for access, which will help you keep it a bit more protected from random people accessing the link and generating pictures with it (which of course will be stored on your PC). For more info, see this page:

If you just want to keep it local to your network, then you can try the --listen arg instead of --share. Listen will launch Gradio with IP which will make Gradio listen to other computers on the LAN. Then you can fire up the UI with the computer’s IP:7860 (or other port if you changed it) in a browser on any computer on the LAN.

Hope this helps.