SMTP integration, cannot change "Send From" title/name

I have SMTP connection setup and working well. I have it setup via google workspace account in which I have few Aliases. when I test the action of sending email I can and succesfully send emails via all aliases. HOWEVER, when I recieve the email, it shows sender only the 1 word/phrase before the “@” .
for example. I have 3 domains : , ,
if I choose send from “” , then the email I recieve has only “info” as sender name, “admin” or “test” …
I want to the sender name to be something I choose myself but I cannot find a way to do it. there is no option to choose “From Name” like other integration I seen before. I have tried to add custom header “From” or “From Name” but I still get emails just with this one word before the “@”
any suggestions how to get a different name that I choose?

thank you

I think you may using the following format in the “from” box:

Hi, thank you for the reply. I was just about to update that o have resolved . Yes , actually chatgpt helped me here. As you mentioned before the email I just need to add name of my choice as the sender. This works for me
In the field “From”: “My Chosen Name” <>

Feels silly how simple it was :slight_smile: all is working now as intended

Thank you for the help

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Hi @here

Now there is dedicated field called Sender Name, this was done by tahboubali · GitHub

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