Single google Sheet to be used in the flow, how to make it happen?

Because of privacy and security ( principles of TRUST but verify or NEED TO KNOW basis)

  • I would like to not provide permission to all google spreadsheets in my drive - and connect my flow to only 1 specific Google Sheet - how can I do that ?

Please advise… or provide links in your responses below.

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@ashrafsam - Wow… no reply from any one at Active Pieces… I will cancel if no reply within 24 hours.

hi! Have you received any reply maybe in a direct message? Just curious why the team takes 4 days.

@karla - No reply… sure shot recipe for cancellation

HI @Omussumo

This is technically not possible by Google permission system, Activepieces is an open source where you can see the code and self host the community edition for free (GitHub - activepieces/activepieces: Your friendliest open source automation tool ✨ Workflow automation tool / Enterprise automation tool / Business automation tool / Zapier Alternative).

One way to achieve what you are looking for is self hosting and maintain the community edition on your own hardware and this way you can achieve what you are looking for.

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