Simple thing to do?

  1. I want to monitor multiple YT Channels for new Videos
  2. “Autotag” them based on channel origin
  3. Extract specific Keywords using regEx (result is another tag used to categorize and item)
  4. If na{tag} AND na{category} THEN create new hidden Playlist (for myself) ELSE add item to myPlayList{tag}

I already struggle:

  1. to find a settings allowing me to change the trigger interval to something like hourly or daily (I do not want to blast my limits with such less relevant things since hurly, even daily is fine). Where is that setting?
  2. I realize there is no local storage or at least a blob to use for interims mapping & string manipulations?
  3. I struggle to add more than one sources. Does it in all honest mean I need 25 flows for 25 YT channels? Using a sheet/CSV is no option, since the whole purpose is to simplify my life rather enforcing me to shift my workload to another manual task or create a workflow for that again - for something that is seriously no rocket science = I am sure I got it wrong. Anyone help?

Also, is there a way see the code behind the graphical workflow (a) to learn from it and b) it might be faster in some occassions. I like it the way MSFT does it in their automation tool)