Shopify Integration

Shopify Integration

Actions you’d like to see

  • Update an Order
  • Update a Product
  • Upload a Product Image
  • Update an Inventory Item
  • Update a Product Variant
  • Update a Metafield
  • Update a Customer
  • Make an API Call
  • Get an Order
  • Get an Asset
  • Get a Product Variant
  • Get a Product
  • Get a Metafield
  • Get a Fulfillment
  • Get a Customer
  • Delete an Order
  • Delete a Product
  • Delete a Product Variant
  • Delete a Product Image
  • Delete a Customer
  • Create an Order
  • Create a Draft Order
  • Create a Transaction
  • Create a Product Variant
  • Create a Product
  • Create a Fulfillment Event
  • Create a Fulfillment for Fulfillment Orders
  • Create a Fulfillment Service
  • Create a Customer
  • Create a Collect
  • Count Orders
  • Close an Order
  • Cancel an Order
  • Adjust an Inventory Level

Triggers you’d like to see

  • New Event
  • Watch Abandoned Checkouts
  • Watch Customers
  • Watch Orders
  • Watch Products

Use case you have in a real business setup

Sync the data in real-time with CRMs, Custom ERPs, and Inventory Management Software.