Several bugs found

  1. Not displaying the correct folder, when opening a run. it all goes to uncategorized:

  1. when running a Test in a flow that has a Loop, the flow goes correct, but the test run screen nearly never completes. so you keep looking at the running test screen instead of it showing the finished one.
  2. When I try to re-run a failed run, it never tiggers. like nothing happends.
    Runs - Activepieces - Google Chrome 2024-03-06 16-33-39.mp4

4.Whenever I receive an email about error in my flow and click the visit issue button I get a 404

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I forwarded to the team, Thank you @Bram <3

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Fixed the rerun issue!

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Hi @abuaboud,

Unfortunately I reran this run from the last step, it now hangs in running mode. And nothing has been executed.