Setting up, HTTP pieces keeps hanging

Hi Community,

And smart brains here who can help me out?

I am trying to use a tool for DAM, with a very generous free plan btw. But I can’t seem to get the API to work…

So what I am doing, is creating an image with Robolly, which works fine, and then trying to upload it to Imagekit. But For some reason the HTTP pieces keeps hanging… Neither can I get this to work with any image from my website.

Any idea’s on how I could solve this?

Here are the API Docs:

Example image:

Looking forward to your replies

KR Bram

Hello @Bram,

Could you try passing the file and fileName fields in the Form Data body for the POST request as shown in the image?

Thanks Kishan! it solved the issue of reaching them, but get a 404 now, so need to set the authorization correct. I messaged them for the solution, hopefully receive an answer soon.

KR Bram