Send HTTP request error

I want to connect ActiveCampaign with Thrivecart. The goal is to automatically unlock a course in Thrivecart upon someone signing up through a form in AC.

The trigger works to my full satisfaction.

However, the action step is causing issues. I must admit, I’m not yet very proficient with APIs.

I found the following guide for Zapier, and I’ve set it up in ActivePieces in the same way: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Unfortunately, I’m receiving the following error message:

“response”: {
“status”: 400,
“body”: {
“error”: “You must provide a student email address.”
“request”: {}

Currently, there is no customer in Thrivecart; the intention is to create one. Can someone help me with how to set this up?

Hi @Sophia_Braun

Can you please screenshot your HTTP piece settings, and the flow

Thank you,

Thanks for your quick help @abuaboud

Hi @Sophia_Braun,

You’re currently passing the parameters in Query Params, but the documentation specifies using form data. We only support sending data in the body (type JSON).

However, I have a workaround :smiley:, Add Code piece then click on ASK AI to generate code.

Copy the following prompt:

Send a POST request to, use fetch, pass the bearer token in the header. For the body, it's form data; fill in the email, course_id, and name.

It should generate something like this:

Press “Use Code,” then replace these values as you did in the query parameters.

Let me know if that works.

Thank you so much!! That`s awesome :slight_smile: It works perfectly fine.

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