Send from GMail Alias address

Send FROM alias email addresses

When using the GMail piece, I would like to be able to send from one of my alias addresses. In GMail, I have several addresses configured that I can send FROM. I see the feature in Zapier. It allows me to select the from address and it shows me all of the aliases related to the account that I can use.
This is a needed feature in Activepieces.
Please see the attached image as an example.

@kishanprmr @PFernandez98 is this an easy add?

It’s doable, but it will require that people create their own “app” to handle the authentication with Gmail.

We need one of those scopes in order to get the lists of aliases for the account:


We only have these now:


I guess to add this scope in their app, is for the AP team to do. (We can’t just add scopes there, it won’t work. They need to ask Google’s permission)

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