Send data to Webhook which then sends the data as a message on Telegram via Telegram Bot

Can someone show me how to setup a webhook to accept data - i believe this is my first problem. I then want to send that data to my telegram bot to say it in a telegram group.

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Thinking more about it, Iā€™m asking for an example code to send data to webhook using php and curl?

Hi @Tazz

You can use tools like to send test data for webhook, not sure If i understand your question correctly

Hey, @Tazz , I use a similar flow on Telegram (Webhook in, parsing, and then message to Telegram).

I have Mailgun for automated emails I send to clients. I track Delivered, Reported Spam, Failed Transmissions.

I set up a flow in AP, Webhook. I take that link and plug it in to MailGun, run a test and then confirm test in AP.

Step 1, is to make sure you receive the data in to the webhook you set up. Feel free and DM if you have questions or want to troubleshoot.

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