Self try Activepieces Enterprise (On Prem)


We recently added a form in the app (both cloud and self hosted) to unlock the Enterprise features and give them a try. It’s been a manual process. You submit the form, we reach out to you, learn from you and give you access to the Enterprise edition.

… it was disappointing :broken_heart:

Most of our users expected they’ll be able to try the features without talking to sales. We agree with them, we hate talking to sales too.

We like to think that we’re very friendly, efficient and helpful when we hop on calls with our users. But in most of the cases, you just want to actually see what the features are and give them a spin.

Self serve 14-day trial :watermelon:

We’re open source, our market motion is inbound, and we see increasing adoption by individuals and companies everyday. We want to be more transparent, more satisfying and more efficient.

We decided to offer a 14-day trial on a self-service basis. But we’ll roll this out gradually due to some technical limitations, and here is the current status:

Edition Status
Self hosted Self serve trial is available. You have to switch to the Enterprise Edition first to be able to activate it. But if you’re on the community edition, you’ll have a button that guides you through it too.
Cloud Self serve trial is not available. We’re working on making it self-serve soon. There are some technical changes we have to make before it’s possible. We’ll let you know once it’s available.

How does the self hosting trial works? :thinking:

You request the trial with your email address, we send you a license key to your email. You copy the key and paste it in your Enterprise Installation. Once you activate it in the UI, it will start counting towards the 14 days.

What happens post trial? :money_mouth_face:

Once you complete your trial, you can reach out to or book a call with us to discuss your experience, requirements and the pricing of the Enterprise Edition.

We currently don’t list the pricing of the Enterprise Edition on the website as we’re seeing many different types of requirements and we work with many of our customers closely in Slack channels.

Does all that apply to the Embed Edition? :calling:

No. The Embed Edition doesn’t yet have a self serve trial and it’s pricing is listed on the website. If you’d like to try out this edition (mainly the JWT SSO and the Javascript SDK to embed Activepieces in your app), please reach out to us.

Enjoy Activepieces and thank you for your continuous support!


Thank you, Ashraf! This is great offer!

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