Self Hosted Reset Password Instructions not working

Im not sure what i might be doing wrong but when i try and do a reset I get an error

postgres=# UPDATE public.user SET password=‘$2y$10$99eQVlZdan2SLSGWrC/IEO/8C779u/0/TLNL84W/vbruVMvt.OIGq’ WHERE email=‘’;
ERROR: relation “public.user” does not exist
LINE 1: UPDATE public.user SET password='**************…

its like the user no longer exists

im not sure why the user is gone in the first place as ive been using a password manager and all of a sudden i cant log in

Hello @duke_seb, could you please type \dt+ or \dt into your postgres terminal and tell us what you see ?

Do you have anything else I can try I really don’t want to have to blow the machine away

Hi @duke_seb

From your screenshot It seems there is no tables / database and the database is completely empty, are you sure data exists? (maybe the docker volume were deleted)?

well i was using it… then i stopped being able to login… but even then the automations will worked… so i dont know?

Can you do that?

  1. Outside the container:

    • Run docker volume ls and verify if the Docker PostgreSQL volume is present.
  2. Inside the PostgreSQL terminal:

    • Run \c activepieces and then execute the other listed commands.

Do these steps show any differences in the results?

Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 9.33.52 PM

Perfect the table is there, Now run the command you should be good to go! :smiley: After using \c activepieces

what command do you mean?

Try run the following command as you suggested but after running \c activepieces

UPDATE public.user SET password='`$2y$10$99eQVlZdan2SLSGWrC/IEO/8C779u/0/TLNL84W/vbruVMvt.OIGq`' WHERE email='';

ok ill give that a go

yea didnt work… user doesnt exist…

im just going to blow it away… but this time ill make sure to backup my flows

This is weird because the screenshot clearly says the user table exists, I am not sure how to debug it further, Sorry couldn’t tell from the screenshots.

Yea probably corrupted something…

All good

Just wish I backed up the flows before

I already have another instance up…. Just need to rebuild it

I also think I might know when it happened.

Probably when the last update came out I did a gut pull and then brought it up instead of using the tools…. This all started right around then…