Search in excel

I always get this error :
“_b.filter is not a function”

I had the same while sending a gmail using smtp. I keep coming back to use the product every 3-4 months and it fails me everytime. I feel like i have wasted money on Appsumo.

Gmail is unsetting SMTP.

Google Workspace Updates: Beginning September 30, 2024: third-party apps that use only a password to access Google Accounts and Google Sync will no longer be supported.

I think the new connection supports OAuth? Haven’t tried it, but saw someone talk about it on discord.

OP! How the hell did you get excel to connect? FR. None of the Microsoft connections work for me. One drive connects, but I can’t seem to get it to populate files.

Hello @hamid ,

Can you please provide the Gmail step setup configuration? It will be useful to troubleshoot which field is causing the error.