Schedule Posts in WordPress Every month or 15 days

Hello Community,

I have a question, I would like to create an automation with which to ask Chat GPT to create 2 posts for a website. 1 for the first of the month and another for the middle of the month. And I would like this post to include some H2s in the body.

Could someone give me a hand to finish it? What seems complicated to me is which trigger to put? A “Schedule” every month, but after that, ask chat gpt for ideas to make the post, having done previous work in an Excel of for example: 500 keywords and the guidelines in another column and tell chat gpt that Create the posts following these guidelines? But how do I do this?

I’m very blocked. Please could you help me?

What I am clear about is the final part, which would be once the deleted post is created, sending an approval link in the email.

I leave a screenshot of the flow that I have created.

Thank you so much

To make it clear, the intention is to automate a gpt chat so that it creates posts automatically without having to add them every month or every time you want to publish. What I would like would be to get this automation to jump once a month, and create the posts for both that same day and the 15th. Or not create 10 posts for example on the 1st. The problem is that I don’t see the way to get several posts to be created in the same flow. I know that a viable option to create 2 posts would be to set the trigger every 15 days but I can’t find a way to do it either.

Hi @cesar.boost

You can use Schedule Trigger then Select Cron Expression and paste this

0 0 1,15 * *

You can take look at the explanation of this expression here - The cron schedule expression editor*

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