Runs not named correctly when you rename the flow

When you rename a “Flow” the name in the “Runs” section remains the the old name. Even when new runs are added after it has been renamed.

Hello, this is a limitation we currently have, during the logging of a flow run, we save the run with the name of the flow at that current time, if you would like to you can check and compare the flow id currently, you would need to open the network tab in your browser and check the /runs response and compare the flow id with the flow id you can see in the browser.

Hi @madeby

The name is saved when the run is made, after you make new changes please press on Publish to apply the new changes for future changes, this should fix your issue.

Mine seems to keep the old names also after new runs where the flow has been renamed.

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Sorry Just saw this, You should republish the flow so it takes effect.