Run exceeded 600 seconds, try to optimize your steps

Hi, i am using the cloud version,

At the moment i am sending whatsapp message in a loop for let say 100 people with a 30 sec delay between each one.

Is there an easy way to overcome this problem?

And i also have another question about the delay option. You are allowing to set a delay for 10 hours for example.

If there is time limit for 600 sec, how does it getting counted with the delay option? can i delay the flow for 2 hours? or will that be counted on the 600 sec limit?

The delay pieces should not count towards the 600 seconds run time of your piece, during the delay piece your piece should pauze.

Btw are you using the WhatsApp API? Or found any other method, as the API can become quiet expensive fast. I am looking for better solutions, like RPA tools.

Hi, i am using unofficial whatsapp api with tools like green api.


Interesting problem. The delay step normally doesn’t count toward the 600 seconds, but we added a condition: if it’s longer than a minute, push it back to the queue; otherwise, just wait without going through the pause state.

We found that pushing the flow to a paused state and bringing it back again usually takes some time and isn’t efficient for shorter periods.

I published a new version of the delay piece that should push the delay back to the queue if it’s longer than 10 seconds, so your flow should work.

Try to edit anything in delay piece, It should be automatically upgraded to 0.3.7.

This is an interesting corner case.


Hi, thanks for your answer.

It’s still to scray to run it because one time it can send whatsapp to 100 people and one time it might send it to 200 people so it won’t be stable and in any case i might go to the limit.

It wasn’t simple but i ended up changing the automation to load each time only 10 records from the database and run it.

I convert it to automation that start with webhook and when the the 10 record loop to send whatsapp finish i open the same webhook again with https from inside the automation until there is are no new records.

It take a lot more runs and require database but that seems to work well.

By the way it would have been cool if there was a way to load data for the automation like the “webhook url”, and maybe the “automation page url”, maybe even the “flow page name”.

I do a lot of error handeling inside automation and that would have been cool as a way to load that data dynamic, because when i duplicate the automations it might cause problem.

And chance i am lucky and maybe something like this already exists?


Sorry if I was not clear, I meant you should keep it for 30 seconds and it should now work.

Can you give an example of why you need the flow name and webhook URL, that would make it clearer for me

Hi thanks for clearning it out, i will check that again in teh feature when i run the script.

The example for the webhook URL is something most people probably don’t use.
But i said i do error handling and sometimes i also send emails or messages from the automation.

So in most cases when i send email or get email about error i add inside the internal flow url so i can tell where to go to see the problems. At the moment i need to manualy insert and change that on any flow (mostly when duplicate).

The webhook url is probably not needed that much but on the example i gave above i was that i restart the loop of the long automation (that was the idea for using it).

I don’t think it’s something many people will use so it might not worth the time to develope but it would have been helpful for the way i use the system.

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