Rss-feed got triggered without new content

Hey there i have a automation which works perfect. everytime a new episode of my podcast gets published it gots automatically published on telegram. It worked for two weeks pretty well and now it also works prett well. But on one day i got a couple of email from activepieces that there is a problem. On this day there got old episodes randomly published about 6 pieces. I did not change anything in this episodes (in this case it would trigger the rss-feed). Therefore i have no idea why this happend, and why it worked before and know. the only thing i got from active-pices is this:

Translate RSS with ChatGPT and Tweet it encountered an issue!
We have detected an issue in the Translate RSS with ChatGPT and Tweet it flow.

First seen at: 04 Jul 2024, 18:15 PT

Please review the flow and fix it.

But that doesnt help, because as I said the flow works perfectly. Was this a bug from activepieces? What can I do about it?

Hello @Marian_Zefferer ,

Could you please check the flow runs where the error occurred and post error here?

Hey kishanprmr,

i tested the flow, where are the error-messages? I just see this: " Ausführung erfolgreich () NQZ0Hpx8Nf5D8RBcrijXZ"

As i said it works, it was just one time, that this happend. I have the exact same flow, just for another rss-feed, there this didnt happend as far as I know.

now i found the error-section. well i dont find the errors, where i did randomly post something, but i found that it does the automation A LOT MORE than it should it do. Every week comes a new podcast, therefore, every week should be a trigger. but i see about 10 or more triggers at the same date and time. Fortunetely it doesnt work because the telegram-bot does block it, but it is indeed any error, which shouldnt be there.


“response”: {
“status”: 429,
“body”: {
“ok”: false,
“error_code”: 429,
“description”: “Too Many Requests: retry after 4”,
“parameters”: {
“retry_after”: 4
“request”: {
“body”: {
“chat_id”: “-1001284032923”,
“text”: “Wie Worte Schmerz auflösen können (#004): <a href="\”>Psychologie der Worte - Marian Zefferer\n\nWorte können mit Worten Schmerz erzeugen, aber auch Schmerzen lindern. Ein Fallbeispiel des renommierten Hypnotherapeuten Milton H. Erickson zeigt, wie mächtig Worte, wenn sie richtig angewandt werden, sein können.\n\nPS: Wenn Dir was am Podcast liegt, freu ich mich wahnsinnig über eine Empfehlung von Dir an Freunde/Verwandte/Bekannte und natürlich auch an Feinden :upside_down_face::star_struck:\nIch wünsch’ Dir noch viele magische Begegnungen mit dem Wort!",
“parse_mode”: “HTML”,
“disable_web_page_preview”: false