Robolly Image generation API & tools

You have my vote here

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my vote too, this need to be done!

Robolly image generation with ActivePieces would be very useful. +1

Hi @here,

Assuming you all have Robolly.

I’ve tried it multiple ways but I think their API is not working correctly, anyone got it to work? Creating is not the problem but receiving a correct URL which can be used for other applications. So it only worked in Google Drive as what they show as example in their docs, but any other app I get errors as the URL is not ending with an extension like .jpg .png and so

I tried via AP, Pabbly, Zapier.


I used and they did not support those types of links at first. I reached out to them and they began to support them. I hope Robolly will make it easier.

Looks like ShareMyImage on appsumo is reported to work well with Robolly.

Here’s a review I read:

" Works well with Robolly

I needed to host images privately and, most importantly, get easy access to the images links. ‘Share My Image’ does exactly that! I love that you can create direct image links in bulk, it is a real timesaver when generating images in Robolly. The integration of ShareX is a great addition too, I can send captures images straight in Share My Image. The UI/UX and the marketing of the product are still a bit rough on the edges but it works well for my use case."

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve been in contact with Robolly support last week and I have some results to share. On zapier Robolly works fine, no issues there. On Pabbly it does create issues when trying to create posts on FB and Insta as their system can’t read the URL. And with Their I think it’s Pabbly.

As AP does not have the access to META (yet), I used VBOUT as a middleware solution to fix it. I had to create it via HTTP, as the current pieces does not support photo’s yet. I’ve been in touch with the AP developer too and he is going to pick it up soon, which is is great as neither Zapier/ Pabbly has this photo part added :wink:

But that did it for me. Also important for the Dev’s if they will create a piece for Robolly, please add the Query Parameter “json” value “1” to the GET requests by default as the data coming from the Robolly system is Binary by default.

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I am truly relieved there are smarter people than myself on top of this.
I would blame myself instead of thinking it was pabbly. Thank you for the update. I look forward to stumbling my way through once it gets sorted.

I have VBOUT so thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

Hi y’all. I’ll try to develop this piece. I just started my free trial. I’ll keep y’all posted. @Justin @Bram @abjo @Laur @An4


haha done (not live yet). At least the generation part for images.

Please, let me know if this work for y’all.

FYI: It returns a JSON containing the URL of the generated image. You can do whatever you want with that URL. I think this is better than returning the actual image.


How does this work:

You only need to complete these fields and that’s it.

You can get these fields from:

Please note you need to specify these fields, with the same exact name as you have them on Robolly.

Also, you can get your template ID from the URL:

Hi Pablo, Wow thanks for the quick work on this! This would definitely work for me.

Just wondering. Would a drop-down of the templates also be possible, and then when the template is selected the editable fields will be loaded? Maybe a 2.0 version not sure what the work is on that.

This would make it easier for a lot of non technical people to work with Robolly I think. If not maybe it would be possible to link to a wiki for an example of what you have above

Kr Bram

@Bram yeah. This is just a quick “minimum viable product” I released (pending approval) so you guys can start working with this if you need to.

Definitely, this is something I’ll add.

This is a tough one tho. First, I don’t know if their API is gonna give me those fields and, the most important thing, each field can have A LOT of properties. So I don’t know if I’m gonna do this. Check this: API reference (the part of the Dynamic modifications)

Nonetheless, I will write an article on how to use this and link it in the description of the action so people can have the reference.

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Hi Pablo,

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve been in touch with their support this week. Let me check with them if their is more informatie about their API, as I know there is not enough yet to build this and I am also not sure if it is available. it usually takes a few days to receive a message from them but I will post the update here as soon as I have something.

I will also try to get them involved into this post so they better understand the needs we have.

Kr Bram

@PFernandez98 I had a quick response, does this do the trick?

"That’s great, thanks.

To list templates: (GET)

To list available modifications for a specific template:{TEMPLATE_ID}/accepted-modifications (GET)

All API requests must be authenticated with Robolly API key (refer to docs)


I’ve not been able to test the the modification template yet, please let me know the outcome I can also do some testing/provide some other examples if needed.

KR Bram

Nice, I’ll be checking this out after work. I think I have an idea on how to implement this.

I’m still waiting for the developers to approve this:

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It’s there! Will give it a try as soon as I can!

Thank you so much @PFernandez98 for developing this piece!

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Tests are succesful :slight_smile: Thanks again @PFernandez98

Maybe some small additions to add to make it easier for the users to with in the current set-up:

Add the following instruction below the Template ID

  • Template ID can be found by opening a template and go to “Render”, then copy paste the template ID from the top right.

Add the following instruction below the Modification fields:

Key = the name of the object
Value = is what you would like to see on the image

I think this will make it a bit more easier for the users to work with, of course the other solution would be amazing with the dropdown and the population of the modifiable fields, but takes some more effort i think.

KR Bram

Hi @Bram ! Im gonna develop the dropdown for the templates today (idk yet about the dynamic fields, but i will try at least). I’ll take that recommendation of yours for the description.

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This integration is amazing, Robolly is a great tool. How should we proceed with the URL? I am getting the image URL but it is wrapped inside “”. What is the best way to get the exact link in Activepieces? I know how to do this in Make, but I am new to Activepieces.

I guess I should add “Google Drive” after to upload the file, but I am obviously missing one step between to remove “”.

Nice one thanks so much. Just need the video one next :slight_smile:

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Yes, I hope someone can add the PDF, regular video and advanced video features.