Robolly API Strange Output

Hi Community,

Has anyone here been able to make Robolly API work on AP?

I’ve followed the general set-up please see below but I receive a strange formatted reponse from Robolly.

API Ref: API reference I’ve followed the Pabbly integration Set-up.

Current set-up

The body fields are there for an exmaple. The image is begin created correctly in Robolly btw.

But the response I receive is the following, Also I receive this error: You have unsaved changes on this page due to network disconnection. Error HTTP Request - #2 by Bram

Hope someone already found the solution! that would be great.



Fixed, See Robolly Image generation API & tools - #9 by Bram for the solution adding “json” “1” to the query parameter

It looks like the actual image is coming back from the API. What are you trying to do with it?

Hi @menacestudio,

I am running into issues while using the binary formatted url or the image. It had to be in JSON format for me to use.

I use Robolly to automate image creation for Social Media.

There is native piece created by @PFernandez98 and It should be released

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Hi @abuaboud It’s not there yet, I think? Could you please take another look?

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Hi @Bram Please check again