Robolly - how to upload generated image to Dropbox / Google Drive etc

Hi everyone, once i’ve generated an image with Robolly, how do I get that actual image saved as a JPG into Dropbox / Google Drive?

Everything i’ve tried seems to fail. The Robolly URL generated is fine as i can open that in a browser and it renders the file.

Hi! I’m getting this error:

Maybe the same thing is happening to you. Can you share screenshots showing the error you get?

I’m trying to work out do i need to do a HTTP Get Request using the Robolly URL and then upload to dropbox or do i use the URL that Robolly generates and try and send that. Either isn’t working.

I’ve not got that error at any point but once i understand what the flow should be after the Robolly image is generated then I can test properly.

At the moment every approach i am taking is failing. I have even tried to use the image URL to send via Gmail as an attachment and the email comes through blank.

This might be because of the length of the image URL. If true, this is a bug that needs to be fixed.

The image URL isn’t an actual one of an image, it’s a dynamic URL without a file extension.

What i’m trying to establish is how do we in the first instance, from the URL that is in the result field in Active Pieces, “pull” that in as a file which then can be later used to post to FB, Upload to Dropbox, sent as an email etc.

e.g. this URL is the output from Active Pieces using Robolly. What’s the next steps?

As you can see, that URL is the actual image (the system downloaded it automatically and showed it as an image in your response without you telling it to do so). The extension is not that necessary.

Nonetheless, I think this is an Activepieces bug. I’ll see what I can do to fix it or maybe, if I can find a workaround.

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Also maybe good to know, the file url expires after 5 minutes. Or that is at least what their support told me

Yes kept on confusing me - but concluded that is the case.

Excellent. Out of interest have you tested and getting the same issue?

yes, indeed. Other images work. Maybe is something with the File property, I need to check it out.

Great - look forward to solving this!

hey guys, AP users for few months and going crazy with it!

I’ve been using Robolly in Pabbly Connect for hundreds of images. The trick in pabbly is to post the Robolly URL to Imgur, and then grab the Imgur URL to save to Gdrive or post to IG.

Unfort Imgur is not connected to AP yet so far. This would solve this issue, I also would love to move my Pabbly Robolly flows to AP.

I couldn’t find any replacement for Imgur either in AP where we could post it somewhere and grab a proper URL.

Anyone found a solution yet?

@vas @ID62 have you guys tried converting the image to base64 first?

I actually have a video that demonstrates this - ActivePieces Tutorial: Strategies for downloading using Pixabay, Robolly and Stability AI

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