Retrying failed flows just landed

Hello Activepiecers,

This one you guys asked for repeatedly, and we’re excited to finally bring it to you.

You can now retry failed flows!

With this neat little addition next to the failed runs in the runs page, you will have two options:

:repeat: Retry on Latest Version: Which retries the entire flow with the latest version of your flow (so if you had to change something on your flow to fix the failed run, you’ll have to use this option, or your changes will not affect the existing run)

:loop: Retry From Failed Step: This retries the flow from where it failed, only running the step that failed and the steps after it, until the end of the flow. Use this if your flow failed from a server error, timeout, or rate limits.

We’re excited to bring you more things going forward - stay tuned to our community and Discord to get the latest updates!

Til next time!


Super GREAT approach! :rocket:

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This is pretty Nice!

This is phenomenal! Thanks so much! :slightly_smiling_face: