Retry after fail

If flow run fail, it will not retry it, i think retry is very impotant if the flow fail cause by 502 or something like that error

Came here just to upvote this. Absolutely agree. Some of my tasks are failing and there is no way to replay them after fixing the integration.

We hear this frequently, but we never scoped it down, can you help us understand these things:

  • Do you want to retry the whole flow if any step fails, or only from the step forward?
  • Do you want it to auto-retry or you’d like to manually retry the flow?

Auto retry the whole flow in my case

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The whole flow even the succeeded steps @Johnny_Wong ? How would you deal with the changes that were made because of the executed steps?

You’re right. Perhaps it’s better to retry from the flows where got failed.

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Both, a manual retry or auto could be implemented.
In the case of retry, you can choose to retry from the error piece or retry the whole flow from the original flow or from the new and modified flow.
It’s something similar as you can do on others platforms. :smile:

Need this as well. Retry from where it failed so that it will pick up from where it was left off

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Yes, this is essential. If I’m building something that I’m charging a client for, I need to know that if there is a failure, the action will eventually be carried out. Zapier and others have similar fail-safes. For Zapier, it’s called “autoreplay” and it will only replay actions that fail due to a Stopped/Errored status.

This is one of the most important updates, in my opinion. Thanks for your consideration. :slight_smile:

A retry from the point the flow failed.

On tha note is it possible to be notified (e.g. by email) when a flow fails and which part failed.

Retry from the failed step.

An auto-retry option would be great.

I propose that any items that fail should be automatically re-queued. This approach offers several advantages. If an item succeeds upon retry, no further action is required, streamlining the process. However, if an item fails three times, it would then warrant manual review. Importantly, using a queue system ensures that the overall workflow remains uninterrupted. This means that successfully processed items aren’t affected by those that fail. Theoretically, the only items remaining in the queue would be those that have consistently failed after three attempts, allowing for targeted troubleshooting without disrupting the entire flow.