Retable integration

Retable is an alternative to Airtable

It would be great to be able to integrate Retable with Activepieces.

Retable has been sold on Appsumo.

Here’s the API documentation.

Hello guys. Gorkem from Retable here. One of our customers has requested Activepieces integration. Here are similar integrations in case you want to check: Retable Integrations | Connect Your Apps with Retable . API documentation can be found here as well: Using the API - Retable User Guide


+1 for this too. I need airtable alternatives

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Would love retable integration


This is a must have for me too.

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+1 from me for Retable integration :+1:

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Yes this is needed bigtime

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Hey Activepiecers @here,

One of our community members contributed this piece and you should now be able to use it in your flows.

Let us know if there’s more we can do!