REST API Connection failed


I am getting this error when connecting to my WordPress site:

Connection failed: REST API is not reachable, visit" make sure your settings (Settings → Permalinks) are set to “Post name” (or any option other than “Plain”) and disable any security plugins that might block the REST API

Any idea how to fix this?


Hi there @Elias, and welcome to our community :smiley:

did you follow the instructions by installing the Basic-Auth plugin and setting Permalinks to Post name ?

Yes, I wrote this also in my post. :wink:

Do you have any other plugins enabled related to authentication? maybe they are not compatible with the plugin? could you try to disable all plugins other than the basic auth one just to be sure that’s not the case ?

I just tried that as well, unfortunately no luck. Getting the same error again. :roll_eyes:

I did hear back from my hosting provider and it seems the issue was on their end.

This ticket can be closed.


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