Request for Telnyx and Telnyx Fax Support

Request for Telnyx and Telnyx Fax Support

Actions I’d like to see

  • Send SMS
  • Make voice call
  • Send fax
  • Check fax status

Triggers I’d like to see

  • New incoming SMS
  • Incoming call
  • Incoming fax
  • Fax sent

Use case

Integrating Telnyx and Telnyx Fax into Activepieces would enable many useful automation workflows, such as:

  • Forwarding inbound SMS messages to email
  • Sending outbound emails as SMS
  • Triggering actions based on incoming calls or faxes
  • Sending faxes programmatically from other apps

Telnyx Fax in particular would be a great addition, as Activepieces currently lacks built-in fax capabilities. Integrating Telnyx Fax would allow users to send and receive faxes as part of their automated workflows.

I believe adding Telnyx and Telnyx Fax integrations would be a valuable enhancement to Activepieces. The Telnyx Zapier integration is already quite robust, so the groundwork is there. I’m happy to provide any additional details or feedback to help make this happen.

I’m adding some screenshots of potential triggers & actions for Telnyx from Zapier & Make for your reference below.

Thanks for considering this request! Let me know if you have any other questions.