Readwise + Readwise Reader

Readwise Integrate (both their Highlights and Reader side of things)

If you’re requesting a piece, write the:

  • Triggers:
  • Watch for new documents (Reader)
  • Watch for new highlights
  • Actions
  • Delete highlight
  • Make an API call
  • Add tag to Highlight
  • Searches
  • Create Document (reader) → Creates a new document
  • Get Document Details (Reader) → Retrieves details of a specific Document
  • List Daily Review Items → Retrieves a list of daily review items
  • List Documents (Reader) → Retrieves a list of documents from Reader
  • List Highlights → Retrieves a list of Highlights

I have built an automation in that allows me to pull my highlights from my Readwise account (Kindle book highlights, Podcast snippets, Tweets saved, articles saved, RSS feeds, etc) to build a database of my notes and learnings. I think take those learnings to use in my content creation process using AI.

I’d love to bring this workflow into ActivePieces via a native integration without having to go through APIs and Webhooks