RazorPay Payment Gateway Integration

RazorPay Payment Gateway Integration

Triggers needed:
New Payment
New Customer
Payment Failed
New Subscription
Subsciption payment

Actions needed:
Create Invoices
Create Customers
Search Customers

User Case:
Case 1: Whenever a customer pays for a hotel booking, to send a payment a payment confirmation to customer and myself I would like to create a customer and also create invoice for the customer which then I would like to send acroos to both customer and myself.

Case 2: Whenever a Hotel Service Provider performs a monthly subscription payment I would like to create invoice for the Hotel owner which then I would like to send acroos to both Hotel owner and myself.

+1 [with more triggers]

What are the more triggers? @yesbhautik

@ashrafsam Any updates on the Triggers/Action which I have mentioned?
I was hoping to have this payment gateway in atleast Feb 2024 Hence I upgraded my plan in Dec 2023.
Please look in it asap. Thanks

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@ashrafsam Any progress on Razorpay integrations? is it in for development?

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@ashrafsam @Abdul @MoShizzle @abuaboud @kishanprmr
Any progress on Razorpay integrations? is it in for development?
Have not received any info on this? Can you please look into this?

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waiting for the same

— creating payment link
— task based on payment verification
— subscription creation
—Unofficial subscription creation like every month payment link will be generated and sent to customer if customer pay/don’t pay the set active will be triggered

@ashrafsam @Abdul @MoShizzle @abuaboud @kishanprmr

Why is there no response for this feature request post?
Is it not important to AP team to integrate a crucial payment gateway of India “Razorpay” ?
The request was out in Oct 2023, now its May 2024.

Hi @startuphosting2015

We prioritize based on number of votes, the other way you can use webhook and http as workaround.

Also contributors and developers are free to contribute it

I dont agree that argument that “Its based on the votes”.
I have seen so many pieces added based on the criteria of it being important for the AP product.

Looks like there is NO WILL.
Thats very Unfortunate.

Hi @startuphosting2015,

Have you taken a look at the webhook piece? You can actually input the URL in Razorpay, and it should unblock all your triggers.

Unfortunately, I wish there were a way to support all the pieces users have requested, but we are still limited. We are trying to double down on using “AI” more in places like HTTP pieces and code pieces so it can unblock use cases without requiring coding.

We have many contributors who have contributed pieces. If you know enough JavaScript, you should be able to contribute a piece.

That’s the beauty of being open source. We are an Open Ecosystem too. Anyone can add a piece; that’s how we are growing fast.

For anyone who knows enough JavaScript, I encourage you to give the framework a try and try to contribute Razorpay for Activepieces.

Please consider shipping this integration. Razorpay is the Stripe of India.
Whenever an automation involving money is involved I have to move to other automation providers, despite investing in ActivePieces.