Raun fails for "unknown reason" - SOS

Hey Airtable team, SOS.

Run is failing for “unknown reason”. I’m told to contact support.

Run id: dbijsOJ0gnSj9StQJOlks

Please help as soon as you can…


Send to support@activepieces.com

Done - sent to the email. But received an auto response that you moved to the web community

Hi @Evgeny

I will take look, We also get notified automatically with these runs failed like that.

Sorry for that.

Thank you,

Hey - thank you for letting me know.

Two questions: (1) any luck discovering/fixing?; (2) what’s the right escalation method for bugs like these? Is it still the forum?

Hi @Evgeny

The support email is currently the fastest way, I just replied there :smiley:

I will mark this as resolved and will continue on the email, It usually happens due to file size limit or some corner cases happens in code piece.

Thank you,

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