Quota exceeded on Google sheets api

Hi Team,

Following up on this one. Quota exceeded on google sheets

Just received the following error:

Is there anything we can do about this? or build around it?

KR Bram

My workflow was halted because the Google Sheets API exceeded its limit. Right now, I’m hesitant to rely on the Activepieces for my main automation.

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Not good, hope this is fixed. Right now I haven’t encountered this issue, but my volume is low as of yet (which will change). Hopefully it’s something that can be resolved soon by the AP team (possibly reaching out to Google).

I’m currently encountering it multiple times a day, I do think adding 1 second delays could be an option but I don’t think it should.

This is the writes per min per user quota. It is currently 60 and I requested to increase it. Google usually partially or fully approves our requests, so it should be fixed soon.

Sorry @here for the inconvenience, we’d like everyone to really rely on Activepieces and we appreciate your continued feedback.

Good news, the request has been automatically approved. The new quota for this is 200 instead of 60. Enjoy Activepieces!


Woohooo thanks for the quick work @ashrafsam this will help a lot!!!

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