Quickbooks integration

When a proposal is signed in Moxie, create or update client and create a proposal un QBO.

When a proposal is signed in Moxie, create a project in Monday.com with a template.

Yes this would be a great feature, Quickbooks is very popular!

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I need to create an invoice and customer in QBs

Intuit QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting software with 85% market share in 2023 QuickBooks - Market Share, Competitor Insights in Small Business Accounting

Strange that it isn’t already supported on Activepieces.

I agree. Quickbooks needs to be there :slight_smile:

@kishanprmr Thoughts?


Are there specific actions or modules within QuickBooks that should be prioritized for the initial version of the piece?

‘Create a new invoice with line items’ and ‘mark an invoice as paid’ would be a good starting point.

Here is what Zapier offers: QuickBooks Online Integrations | Connect Your Apps with Zapier