Publish & Schedule Not Working for IMAP

My automation works when testing but when I publish the scheduling component doesn’t work. This is not doing anything crazy. It is checking the subject of an email via IMAP for a Subject containing a certain word. Then it should pick up and start the flow. Two emails in Inbox with the correct subject name. When I manually test by walking through each step it works and when I hit Test Flow. Any suggestions?

In the flows I’ve tried with IMAP I’ve noticed that the piece stops working when I delete emails manually from the server.
Try the flow, manually testing it, and publish it. DO NOT delete any email from the IMAP folder manually, let them sit there. Send new emails and see if the flow works.


Thank you very much @Eduardo that worked. This is definitely a solution/workaround, but @activepieces should look at this as I consider this a bug. Should be able to manage your inbox without breaking the piece.

@Eduardo really appreciate this as it saved me a long and arduous process of troubleshooting!


Interesting bug, Let me move it to the bugs.


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