Product Hunt API

Hello community!

I was wondering how I can use Product Hunt API.

Please can someone guide me on how I can use this API

My goal is to get 10 top-rated results for a specific keyword.

Maybe these two link are helpful:

Hope the community members engage with this topic

@izr_amine I don’t think it’s possible since ActivePieces doesn’t currently support GraphQL queries yet. #2 can be done via HTTP request but not #3.

The process involves:

  1. Creating a new application in the Product Hunt portal to get client id and secret.
  2. Use the client id, and secret via “client_credentials” grant type to get an access token.
  3. Use the access token to make GraphQL query to their API.

@izr_amine actually you can do it in code, if you really want to.

You can reference their API documentation for available queries:

Also, their API explorer is pretty helpful in figuring out the correct queries.


Awesome @menacestudio!

That’s what I’m looking for!

Please, can you record a video and share it with us on how to build this flow? it will be powerful and I appreciate your time to do so.

Since I’m not technical I will try, in case I find any problem I hope that you help do the same, as what you do on the screen shoot.

Thank you men!

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@izr_amine done! Using GraphQL in ActivePieces

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