Problem with no permission to Publish to Wordpress

Hi there,

I am failing on the last step to publish the content to a wordpress site.
The error message that appears (see below), is that Wordpress is not allowing the step to publish.

Any ideas how to solve this?

  "response": {
    "status": 401,
    "body": {
      "code": "rest_cannot_create",
      "message": "You do not have permission to create posts as if you were this user",
      "data": {
        "status": 401
  "request": {
    "body": {
      "categories": [
      "status": "draft",
      "content": "",
      "title": ""

Have you installed the JSON Basic Authenticate WP plugin? You can find it here: GitHub - WP-API/Basic-Auth: Basic Authentication handler for the JSON API, used for development and debugging purposes

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First i installed the wrong Basic Authenticate, then when I installed the correct one I forgot to activate the plugin. Problem solved. Its in the details.

Appriciate the help!

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