Problem of the day: AUTO LinkedIn POST

The Activepieces Flow Template for ‘Problem of the day: AUTO LinkedIn POST’ is designed for LinkedIn account owners who have an audience of coding or technical individuals. These could be professionals, students, or anyone interested in accepting regular challenges to improve their knowledge and logical reasoning skills.

This template leverages AI technology to generate questions or problems in a human-like tone. It then posts these questions or problems on LinkedIn along with a specified image. The posts can be scheduled to be posted at specific times, ensuring consistent engagement with your audience.

This template is a great tool for stimulating interaction and engagement on your LinkedIn profile while also providing valuable content for your audience. It’s an effective way to automate the process of creating and posting content, saving you time and effort.



This is awesome Template thank you very much . Btw how did you edit the gif ?

Hi @yesbhautik, can you please message me your email on our cloud so we can send you the rewards ? :smiley:

Ping me out, I will send you a template so you can edit the GIF

Account email: HIDDEN

What if you implement feature, like template creator get credits with name & profile/link below the template title.

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I see your point, but we kind of need a back and forth between us and the template creators so chatting here on community is helpful in that respect.