Post to multiple accounts using a single flow?

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I know we can set up flows to post directly to LinkedIn, etc. But I wanted to know if it is possible to post to multiple social media accounts at once? (Or at least, have multiple connections for a number of accounts, and then I gather use a separate flow for each to post to them individually).

So I guess what I am asking more is, can we set up multiple connections to a social media account (e.g., Connect LinkedIn for Joe Bloggs, Jane Bloggs, Tom, Dick, Harry, etc.), or are we only able to connect to one account at a time?

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Hello @GunnerJnr ,

I tried creating a flow for posting on multiple LinkedIn profiles in a single flow. I haven’t tested it with multiple accounts so please let me know how it goes.

You can create multiple connections for LinkedIn by adding a LinkedIn piece in an empty flow by clicking on + New Connection.
Also, give meaningful names to the connection as we must fetch it in the next steps. For example, you can give names in the following manner ‘Joe Bloggs LinkedIn’,’ Jane Bloggs Linkedin’. Now you have multiple connections for LinkedIn. Now we can start going through each step of this flow.

1. Trigger Step:

I haven’t set a trigger step but you can add it per your automation requirement.

2.Code Step:

Now this step is only required because we want to fetch connection details from the Connections piece based on its name. So this step helps us to do static mapping for multiple LinkedIn connection names.

This code will create a list of your connection’s details. I have used conn_name as the key and the actual connection name as the value.

export const code = async (inputs) => {
  return [{
    conn_name:'Joe Bloggs LinkedIn'
    conn_name:'Jane Bloggs LinkedIn'
    conn_name:'Roy LinkedIn'

3.Loop Step:

Once we have fetched a list of connections, we can iterate over that using the Loop step.

4. Read Connection Step:

Now inside the loop step, we will add Read Connection action from Connections piece. It will help us to fetch connection details based on its name. If you provide an invalid or non-existent connection name it will return undefined.

we will map Connection Name field using Loop Item and it will return the connection value.

5.LinkedIn Step:
Now the final step, as we already have fetched the connection value, is to use that value in the LinkedIn piece. This value will change as the loop step iterates through different connection values.

Right now I have assumed only connection value is different for all LinkedIn accounts. Other fields like Text, Content-Title, and Content-Description are the same.

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@kishanprmr, Wow! This looks awesome.

I will definitely be testing this out 100%. I will share any feedback to you to let you know how it goes. Thanks for the detailed explanation/example as well.

As I side note, regarding you mentioning that for now it only posts the same thing to each profile. I will also be looking for ways to adapt it to send out unique posts from the different connections. I haven’t really thought about it overly in-depth yet, so I don’t know if the best approach would be a separate flow and worksheet for each person, or perhaps some crazy branch that looks for a trigger from a certain connection or a certain tab that then chooses the connection based on that. There is a lot to think about in designing and testing something so complex isn’t there.

My overall thoughts were that I could have a central worksheet consiting of tabs from each of the different staff members (e.g., name the tabs the persons name, and likewise use that same name for the connections appended with joe_bloggs_linkedin or something like you did with conn_), then have it trigger each time they enter something into a new row, then it could go off and create a post about that something, and then post it to the relevant profile page. The vital step would be to figure out which tab it came from to fetch the right connection. I think a delay would also probably be neccessary, because if multiple people entered something at the same time, I am not sure how it would handle that, does it have automatic queueing, or would it mess up and send everyones post to one profile?

Food for thought anyway, but this is a great starting point, I am very grateful. I will try to mimic it later, unless you happen to have an empty template version of it laying around you wouldn’t mind sharing the link to for me to copy the flow? Then I can modify to suit.

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@GunnerJnr , happy to hear it helps you.

You can use this template as a starting point.

Also, if you can share the layout/format of your central worksheet with just dummy sample data then I can try to create a more specific flow for your use case.


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@kishanprmr, awesome thank you.

As soon as I have created the sheet I will share it here. Thank you for the template link.

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