Please add a piece for Cloozo


I am requesting for a piece of Cloozo. iTS A NO-CODE CHATBOT BUILDER available on Appsumo.
I want it to be added as an action.
Eg, when a new message sent to telegram, then use Cloozo to generate a response.

Just FYI- Cloozo is available on Zapier already. So it will be great if its made available on Activepieces :slight_smile:

Hello! I think they created the Zapier integrations by themselves. According to this post (Do you provide API integration please? | Cloozo | AppSumo) they donโ€™t provide an API we can use for an AP piece yet.

Hi. They do have API endpoints but private. They can provide that to you if you are developer from Activepieces and want to create a public piece for all the users.
I contacted them as well, but they will provide api access to only those who are an actual developers of Activepieces.
Their email:

Sorry, Iโ€™m not. I am from the community. I can create a new public piece (I made one for Google Gemini and one for Discourse), but Iโ€™m not with the official team. Maybe the actual developers will see this post and can communicate with Cloozo.