Platform: Possibility to add your flow to a folder from the flow screen

Hi There,

When creating a new flow I have to get out of the flow to select a folder for the flow. It would be amazing if we would have some kind of dropdown option with all current folders and a “+ add new folder” option. This will make the process much more efficient, so when updating the name you can also assign the correct folder to your flow.

Don’t judge me on my paint skills though :wink:

What do others think?


your painting skills are way better than mine, so don’t worry :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


While this is a nice suggestion, or a “Move to folder” option in the dropdown next to the flow name, which I think is a better idea because you wouldn’t be moving the flow among folders too frequently.

I wanted to clarify that if you choose the folder first from the sidebar here:

Then click on + New flow, the new flow will be placed in the selected folder. Did you know that? @Bram

Yeah I know, but what is love is that I don’t have define that at the start as most of the time I don’t know where my flow ends up when I start building.

This could be development, test, acceptation or production.

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