Piece request - Fillout.com Forms

Piece Request for Activepieces Integration with Fillout Forms

Use Case: Streamlined Volunteer Application and Onboarding for VPMMA


  1. New Form Submission (Volunteer Application)

    • Trigger: When a new volunteer application form is submitted via fillout.com.
    • Action: Capture form data and initiate the onboarding process.
  2. Form Update (Onboarding Form)

    • Trigger: When the onboarding form is updated with additional information.
    • Action: Update volunteer records in Flowlu CRM and Brilliant Directories.


  1. Create Volunteer Record in Flowlu CRM

    • Action: Create a new contact in Flowlu CRM using the data from the volunteer application form.
    • Data Mapping: Map form fields to corresponding fields in Flowlu CRM (e.g., Name, Email, Phone Number, Skills).
  2. Add Member to Brilliant Directories

    • Action: Add the new volunteer as a member in Brilliant Directories.
    • Data Mapping: Map form fields to corresponding fields in Brilliant Directories (e.g., Membership Level, Contact Information).
  3. Send Welcome Email

    • Action: Send a welcome email to the new volunteer with details about their onboarding process.
    • Email Content: Include personalized greeting, onboarding steps, and contact information for support.
  4. Create Onboarding Task in Flowlu CRM

    • Action: Create an onboarding task for the volunteer in Flowlu CRM.
    • Task Details: Assign the task to the relevant team member, set due dates, and include task descriptions based on the form data.
  5. Update Volunteer Status in Flowlu CRM

    • Action: Update the status of the volunteer in Flowlu CRM after they complete the onboarding form.
    • Status Updates: Change status from “Pending” to “Active” or any relevant status indicating completion.
  6. Notify Team via Email

    • Action: Send a notification email to the VPMMA team when a new volunteer application is received.
    • Email Content: Include summary details of the volunteer application for quick reference.

Workflow Example

  1. Trigger: A new volunteer submits the application form on fillout.com.
  2. Action 1: Capture the form data.
  3. Action 2: Create a new contact in Flowlu CRM with the volunteer’s details.
  4. Action 3: Add the volunteer to Brilliant Directories.
  5. Action 4: Send a welcome email to the volunteer.
  6. Action 5: Create an onboarding task in Flowlu CRM.
  7. Trigger: The volunteer completes the onboarding form.
  8. Action 6: Update the volunteer’s status in Flowlu CRM.
  9. Action 7: Notify the VPMMA team via email.