Persistant Error: "Please contact support as your published flow has a problem"

I am not currently sure how to address this issue, or who I can talk to about it.

This bug has left me paranoid, and having to backup my flow every-time I update it, as it leaves my flow empty after as seen below

Usually it happens when I publish a flow. When it happens, I have to go back to my backups to access re-import and create a new flow. This has made creating a flow, 2-3 times longer.

At the moment, the other way I could solve this is by accessing the previous versions, but when I click on the “Use as draft” button nothing happens. So, I have to only access the backup as a reference and create the flow by hand afresh.

My console log

Please help me solve this, as it has left me with a couple of unhappy clients, as I take too long to redo flows and retest them, especially when I forget to backup my flows.

Hi @kanarelo

Sorry to hear that happen, Is this latest version of activepieces (Yes if you are on the cloud)?

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Hi @abuaboud, thanks for your reply. Interestingly it has happened to me both on localhost and on cloud. Under someone’s account and under my cloud account. I can provide you with a flow that crashes on import.

Seems I cant upload json to the forum, Let me drop it to your discord