🎉 Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

To our awesome community!

We decided to shift our billing method to pay as you go pricing in the cloud and tasks became cheaper.

:open_book: The Story

We’ve been all ears to your feedback, and we’ve noticed that many of the users aren’t happy with how the industry typically bills for tasks. Figuring out the fair price for tasks has been a bit of a puzzle.

But our mission to democratize automation and make it accessible to everyone even if that means we lose short term revenue but we want everyone to adopt the tool and stay there

:rage: The Problem

  • Packages with fixed prices don’t adjust for sudden increases or one-time big tasks. We’ve seen folks switching between plans every few months because of this.

  • It takes effort to calculate and pay for your usage upfront, but sometimes it’s hard to know which package is the best fit.

  • Pricing gets complicated, especially when it’s combined with plans that have specific features locked behind them.

  • As your workflows expand, you might realize that your automation platform becomes too pricey, leading you to switch to less convenient options like coding.

we’ve listened.

:money_with_wings: You’re in Control!

With our new model, you can:

  • Pay as you go: It’s easy! Just $1 for every 1,000 tasks.
  • Set spending limits: Avoid surprises by setting a maximum on your task usage.

If you’re on a plan with committed tasks, you can activate the pay-as-you-go option alongside your current plan by heading to the plan page and adding your payment details.

For any issues regarding billing, don’t hesitate to contact support@activepieces.com.



Great solution AP team!

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This is actually dope! :clap:

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My current plan says:
Sync Time: 5 minutes
Included Tasks: 50000

If I activate the pay-as-you-go option:

  • Will I start paying AFTER the 50k I already have?
  • Will the Sync time change? Will it go down to 1 minute? In all tasks or only on the ones after the 50k?


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@Eduardo Yes, that means you will pay after the 50k, and the sync time has nothing to do with the pay-as-you-go model, so it will stay the same for everything

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